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A little of our History

A subsidiary of the Katong Satay Singapore, BBQ House has been around since the early 1970s. Due to our persistence in maintaining only the highest quality in our satays customers who patron BBQ House grew in size from by word of mouth recommendation.


In 1989, we registered as a wholesaler to cater to the exponential demand of our satays. Because we embarked from humble beginnings, the importance of BBQ House's standard of quality remains our top priority. To date, this high standard is perpetually refined even for the mass production of satays.

BBQ House has now expanded to one-stop BBQ solution in the F&B industry. Our extensive customer base has enjoyed many great occasion with BBQ House's services and solution.

Provision of onsite barbequing services, catering for coorporate and domestic evenbts, pr-barbeque preparations-we have all at BBQ House.

Halal BBQ Food

We take pride in our discipline and dedication to serving the best Halal barbecued meats and satays. Today we have risen to being Singapore’s largest online Halal BBQ Satay and Meats supplier and we are dedicated to delivering savoury Halal food to our customers while fastidiously sticking to the guidelines and basis of Halal food preparation requirements. While diligently following these guidelines, we have also remembered to give our customers innovative new products, great taste and excellent prices! This is what we have to say about being dedicated to delivering you excellent Halal BBQ Meats and Satays.

From the Press!

We are blessed and thankful to have grown from our humble origins to become one of Singapore’s leading BBQ wholesale and satay vendors. We are that BBQ House has been featured by several local newspapers...expand


- Vincent Ong, CEO Smartys Pte Ltd