Please be advised that we are close on 03/03/2019 for Company Annual Dinner.

We will resume regular business hours Monday, 04/03/2019.

To avoid disappointment, please place orders in advance.

Delivery slots are on first-come-first-served basis, subject to availability.

* The Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the delivery timing?
    • Normal delivery timing only (10am - 12 pm), (2pm - 4pm) and (3pm - 5pm). (Subject to available driver and location)
    • Waiting time is 2 hr. interval.
    • Express delivery start from 10 am - 10 pm. Will be one hour interval based on request. ($25 charges onwards)
    • Please note that our Customer Services Officers will not be able to tell you the exact delivery time due to unpredictable traffic conditions.
  • How do we charge for delivery service?
    • Free Delivery charge will be given if ordered items exceed $300 except Express Delivery Timing and BBQ Chef Orders
    • $20 Delivery Charge for $1 - $200 order for normal delivery timing.
    • $10 Delivery charge for $201 - $300 order for normal delivery timing.
    • Normal delivery timing only (10am - 12 pm), (2pm - 4pm) and (3pm - 5pm). (Subject to available driver and location)
    • For Tuas, Lim Chu Kang area,Neo Tiew Road, Sentosa and Jurong Island there will be only express delivery and minimum order will be 300 and above.
    •  Express delivery will start from 10am - 10pm. The delivery charge range as below:
    • 10am to 11am - $25
    • 11am to 12pm - $25
    • 12pm to 1pm - $25
    • 1pm to 2pm - $25
    • 2pm to 3pm - $25
    • 3pm to 4pm - $25
    • 4pm to 5pm - $25
    • 5pm to 6pm - $25
    • 6pm to 7pm - $35
    • 7pm to 8pm - $45
    • 8pm to 9pm - $55
    • 9pm to 10pm - $65
  • What are the delivery conditions?
    • Delivery charge includes all other foods purchase.
    • There are no minumum order for delivery.
    • $25 delivery charge for one hour waiting time, City Area, Sentosa area.
    • Kindly note that you have to be at the delivery location at the earliest timing selected. If no one is present to receive the goods and return trip is required, additional delivery fee will be charged.
  • If I want to place a delivery order, what else do I need to notice about?
    • Please kindly make your order 1 working days (Cut off time at 3pm) in advance.
    • Strictly no cancellation or changes are to be made within 24 hours of delivery
    • Price quotes may be adjusted without prior notice.
    • The sizes and weight of goods is based on approximation.
    • For chalet and park, the drivers will only delivery the food to the nearest carpark.
  • Did you have any minimum order?
    • No, we don’t have. Can just follow the minimum quantity per packet.
  • Can we buy in loose pieces instead of the per packet quantity?
    • Sorry, you can’t. You have to follow the quantity of the standard packet and go by the multiple.
  • How many days in advance do we need to place order?
    • Via online, the latest is 1 day in advance for the delivery and self-collection (Please refer the exact cutoff time) 
  • How is the payment mode?
    • For online order, strictly full deposit by bank transfer or credit card payment.
    • For fax order, strictly by bank transfer.
    • For direct walk-in customer, can pay via CASH or NETS
    • We will reply a SMS confirmation to your mobile number or by email.
  • What is the refund policy?
    • We endeavor to prepare food at their freshest.
    • If customers are unsatisfied with the purchases, we will give customers full refund if the reason is acceptable.
    • Request for refund, or missing items etc. must be made within 24 hours of receipt.
    • Please email us request for any refund at
  • Can we do cancellation of our order?
    • Yes, but please inform us at least 2 days in advance for the cancellation of the order
    • There will be NO cancellation of order within one day in advance; otherwise there will be 100% penalty
    • For online order that have been paid, there will be have $30/- for administrative fees.
  • What you mean payment by bank transfer?
    • It means that you have to made full payment to one of our stated bank account number.
  • How is your cooked food packed?
    • Will be in the aluminum tray or microwave container.
  • My order is for the company, so can we pay on the spot?
    • Yes, you may. But we have to get your company official chop n sign one day before your actual date and have to know for the business registration number.T&C apply.
    • For more details please email to to check the approval criteria.
  • What is the payment mode for Singapore government school/army/other government body?
    • Via AGD vendors and GeBIZ.
      For this payment mode, please place order 1 week in advance from the delivery date.
      Please let our customer service know your payment mode so we can refer back to you.
  • Are you open on public holiday or Sunday?
    • Yes, we open daily.
  • What is your operation hours?
    • We open from 8 am – 6 pm.
  • If for self-collection, what time can I come to collect?
    • Anytime between 9 am – 6 pm, but you have to let us know roughly what time coming down so we can prepare your food first.
  • What is the cost to hire a BBQ Chef?
    • Food order have to be at least $700 worth of raw food and above.
    • BBQ chefs will be charged $95/chef for 3 hours (include bbq accessories for chefs )
    • Please take note for the "OTAH", it will be quote as cooked item and will be reheat on the spot.
    • BBQ Chef do not cook raw otah due to extreme inefficiency of cooking otahs on regular BBQ pits. BBQ Chef also do not handle marshmallows as it requires directly handling the marshmallows (hygiene) and efficiency as only 2 sticks of marshmallows can be toasted by the cook at any one time.
    • We will only bbq all the foods that you order from BBQ House, each bbq asst can bbq foods amount up to $350 for 3 hours.
    • Extra hours will be $25/hr per chef
    • BBQ pits, wire mesh , margarine, extra charcoal is not included.
    • Charcoal need is base on $150 half cook items need 3kg charcoal.
    • Margarine is $150 half cook items need 1..
    • Please inform us 2 weeks in advance, so we may make necessary arrangement.
    • An additional $10 will be charged for each BBQ Staff for BBQ Venue at NSRCC, parts of Lim Chu Kang, Sentosa, Tuas and Changi. This is due to lack of public transport,BBQ Staff will have to take cab in and out.
    • An additional $15 will be charged per BBQ Staff on public holidays and public holiday eve. Delivery is advised to be half an hour before the arrival of BBQ Staff.
    • Customers are advised to be present to accept and pay for the delivery of the food, and also during the presence of the BBQ Staff to avoid any miscommunication and misunderstanding.