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Start Buying

1. Select Menu

  • For A la carte, click Menus under BBQ tab or the A la carte picture.
  • For food packages, click Package under BBQ tab or the food packages picture.
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2. Select Package

  • Under Package, you can pick basic, classic or premium package.

3. Basic Menu List *

  • Inside Menu list, there are various categories of food such as Satay, Otah.
  • Click on preferred category to see the entire list of food offered.

4. Add to Cart Items

  • For the selected food, pick the quantity wanted and click add.

5 .View Cart Summary

  • Under Cart Summary, the added items will appear in the list.
  • On the Bottom right hand side, you can see the Grand Total of items selected.

6. Package Menu List *

  • Under Package List, click on View Items to see the offered items under a particular package.

7. Add to Cart Package

  • For a selected package, click Add to Cart.

8. View Cart Summary

  • Under Cart Summary, all the items in the selected package will be listed.
  • On the bottom right hand side, you can see the Grand Total of package selected.

9. Go To My Cart

  • Below the Cart Summary, click on View My Cart to proceed to next step.

10. Log-in First

  • If you are a registered customer with BBQHouse previously, just login with your email.
  • If you prefer not to login, just proceed on with Continue Chekout.
  • You also can Log In with Facebook using the FB Tab.

11. Update Cart Items

  • Under My Shopping Cart, you can make any amendment to the quantity selected by changing the figure and click Update Cart.

12. Remove Cart Items

  • If you do not want a selected item, you can tick on the item and click Remove.

13. Check-out

  • After you are satisfied with your selection, click Proceed.

14. Promotion Items

  • When you spend every $50, you can choose one promotion item.
  • If you want to choose promotion item, you just click “select” and choose the quantity.
  • After you choose click the “ continue ” button.

15. Fill Customer Information

  • Fill up your particulars under Customer Info.

16. Self Collection Option

  • For Self Collection, fill up the date and timing that you prefer to come and pick up the goods.

17 .Delivery to Chalets/BBQ Pit Option

  • For delivery to chalet / BBQ pit around Singapore, scroll down the list and pick one of the location.

18. Normal Delivery/Express Delivery

  • For delivery to chalet / BBQ pit around Singapore, scroll down the list and pick one of the location.

19. Delivery to Avenue Option

  • Indicate whether you prefer Normal Delivery (2 hours interval) or Express Delivery (0.5 hour interval).

20. Billing Address

  • If the billing address is different from delivery address, please tick No and fill up the columns provided.

21. Extra Foam Boxes

  • If you prefer to purchase more foam boxes, please indicate the amount.

22. Select Payment Option

  • For credit card payment, tick VISA/Mastercard and Proceed.

23. Select Payment Option
(Bank Transfer for offline payment)

  • For offline payment, tick Bank Transfer and Proceed.

24. Order Confirmation

  • Under Confirmation, double check your order and information details.

25. Double Check Information

  • Double check your delivery details, ordered items and order summary.

26. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

  • Read the terms and conditions if you are unsure of anything.
  • If everything is final, just tick and click confirm.